Chris Smelick's Biogerontology Reading List Following are books related to the field of biogerontology. Some are technical and read somewhat like an encyclopedia, and some are written for the layman, so check out the amazon descriptions by clicking the book titles. This page is under construction and I hope to soon add book descriptions and more books. If you know of a good book related to this field that isn't listed here, please email me.

"The Evolutionary Biology of Aging" by Michael Rose
"How and Why We Age" by Leonard Hayflick
"Reversing Human Aging" by Michael Fossel
"Biology of Aging: Observations and Principles" by Robert Arking

"Time, Cells, and Aging" by Strehler

"The Dream of Eternal Life" by Mark Benecke
"Becoming Immortal: Combining Cloning and Stem-Cell Therapy" by Stanely Shostak

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